How Come……..

How come we keep getting people that like to try to take over, boss others around, mess up peoples plans, put people down, insult, demean others they disagree with and just enjoy messing things up for others while whispering behind someones backs that they have them ‘under control’?

How come no one has the balls down there to tell this certain bossy pants that it is smarter to make friends with management and coworkers instead of insult them if you want to get something done. How come no one in management faces them down and says Hey, aren’t you just a part time employee and you don’t even live here or know the people of our area and you tell us we need to change to make YOU happy and follow YOUR orders? You come to our home and try to take over? Don’t think so sunshine.

*Sigh*. Didn’t we go through this recently?

How come the board seems to forget they are the boss and let someone put a ring in their nose? How come it is ok with the board that part time employees who are not god are allowed to get away with insulting, disrespecting, talking over, bypassing, plotting and back stabbing and No One Does A Damn Thing and tell them to cut it out.

Has anyone there ever thought of telling an out of control disrespectful rude employee to shut up, sit down, do their job and mind their own business and if they refuse then it is time to hit the road?

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Been getting complaints and heads up coming in of a certain someone who is bent on taking over our Deer Mountain Universe and making it her own in order to save us ignorant hicks from ourselves. We gave them some time and wanted to be fair and see what shakes out. But we have experience this person ourselves and found them less than delightful. Rude is rude. There is no excuse for that. Why do we even Want employees, part time or full who act like that?

We need people who are willing to listen, learn, and can Play Well with Others. A little humility would not hurt either. We just hope that when our time comes and we slag on the ground with chest pains that the EMTs of DMFPD have that new LifePak to kick start old Ben again and have those nifty rugged laptops that will enable them to find our remote hovel up in the woods and take care of business instead of the 21 year old stuff that needs serious updating. Will never happen if Bossy Pants has her way as shes decided she is in charge and apparently has no problem in telling people that. Interesting meetings you are having in that office sunshine.

Let this be a life lesson campers, if you have something fine and great that you built up there will always be someone salivating over it and wanting a piece of your pie. Vultures come in all flavors. Some come disguised as friends and just want to ‘help’ you.

Doesn’t have to be this way.

Come to the next board meeting, Wednesday, Nov 20 @6pm. We were not kidding about the mud wrestling. We hear Bossy Pants has a PLAN to edumakate us and save us from ourselves whether we like it or not. Don’t want to miss that action.

We believe that Bossy Pants will not be around much longer. They have quit once already, came back and threatened to quit again if they don’t get their way. Been rubbing alot of people the wrong way and has lost some of her charm. In our humble worthless opinion we believe the people of DM need people who will work With us and not work On us. There is a difference sunshine.


Board Meeting

Just the monthly reminder of our Fire District Board Meeting. Wednesday, Nov 20 , 6pm at the fire station on Copper Gulch. Come and show your support for our volunteer firefighters and EMTs or come to watch the chocolate pudding mud wrestling. You know you can’t tear yourself away….it is like a slow-mo mudieval train wreck or something.

Winners & Losers

Greetings Deer Mountain!

We’ve been told that Board member Crystal Warner has resigned from the board.

We have not heard if hubby Jeremy Warner our District web-manager has resigned too but since the District is changing over to ANOTHER new website it was a matter of time we guess. We have not heard if this board will hold Jeremy Warner accountable for that refund he owes us as he demanded to be paid for a years work in advance. By our guesstimate it looks like he will owe us about half of that back.

At a time when they are crying over being short funds and still wanting to raise our Mill Levy to get some more bucks, will they do Anything about their over payment to Warner or let him slide cause he was a buddy?

Gee, it makes one wonder why it was never pout into the Magic Website Contract that if he quits he has to pay us back. Heck it makes us wonder why the website was never put in the Magic Website Contract

Times are a’changin’ folks. Maybe with some new blood we can pull ourselves out of this hole they put us in.


Board Meeting Wed, November 20, 2019 @ 6pm at the Fire Station on Copper Gulch.

They Lied

Greetings Deer Mountain!

We have received some info from some noble spirits who said Enough Was Enough (EWE) and took that questionable funky ‘website ‘ contract to a real live lawyer for review to find out the poop on it. We found out Ben & Company were looking at this all wrong. We got a few things wrong and apologize for our obtuseness. It is worse than we thought.

Guess what campers? It is Poop City. It’s a Poop Fest, it is so full of Poop it would bust open any septic tank here in Deer Mountain, it is So full of Poop its un-flushable, its so full of Poop it even scares away the flies and even the EPA is getting nervous. It is a Royal Poop Storm of poop-epic proportions. Hold on to your seats and don’t let the shock make you fall on your ass but—-THEY LIED TO US.

The document Patrick Smith presented at the board meeting to the public, the same one Chairman JR Niblitt approved saying it was ‘just a standard contract’ , the same one Crystal Warner voted on illegally believing she was giving her hubby the district website job and money is not a web site contract at all. We’ve been duped!

SHOCKED I say, we are SHOCKED!!! We are SO SHOCKED we have been lied to by these people once again we had to go stand in the bathroom and practice our best SHOCKED faces in the mirror to make sure the serious nature of this incident is relayed properly. We hope you are also practicing your SHOCKED face too so we can all look good for the cameras when the press descends upon our DM haven.

People Lied, our district web site died, they took us for a ride. Our beloved DMFPD has no legal legitimate web site contract. It’s just a con folks.

This is what it Looks like—–All we have is that pesky old MASTER AGREEMENT FOR INSURANCE & INDEMNITY FOR SUBCONTRACTORS that refuses to die and go away. They worked so hard to pass it off as a contract for our districts website (Wink, wink, nod, nod) and they tried so hard for the public to not see it. It just keeps coming back to that. Patrick Smith lied to the public at that board meeting telling us it was a ‘standard contract’ and ‘ no big deal’ for the web site job, Chairman JR Niblett lied to the public when he held it in his had and agreed with Smith that it was ‘just a standard contract’ , Crystal Warner lied to the public when she somehow forgot her husband Otis Warner was also the Jeremy Warner the one she was voting on to receive public funds for a web site job that was not in the contract she was voting on and Jeremy Warner lied in signing it pretending it was for our district web site job when it was not.

You want to hear the funny thing about this? The stupid contract that Warner DID sign stated he was required to provide that insurance bond, just One Stupid thing to fulfill it and he never did. He BROKE the contract and the stupid board STILL VOTED TO USE PUBLIC FUNDS TO PAY HIM FOR BREAKING HIS INSURANCE CONTRACT. Is that hilarious or what folks? Warner broke his contract , he owes us that money back. Wait…..sniff…sniff…., is that a whiff of embezzlement or misuse of public funds in the air? We need to find that out.

How cool is this…have a buddy on the board make up a fake contract for a fake job and sign it, never fulfill its terms and you still get paid with taxpayer money. That $300 he was paid was Not for any website work because there never was any web site contract, there was only the contract for Warner to provide an insurance bond which he never even did but was still paid $300 anyway. Is that sweet or what? How can we get some of that action? Oh, we forgot, one has to be part of the Wattsonian Inner circle of Trust aka Lords of Deer Mountain (LODM). For the record, we did officially apply for a position in the Club of Gnome. Last we heard, we were rather rudely informed our application was denied, we actually were told someone pissed on it then set it on fire, no easy feat unless one has been consuming copious amounts of hi-test home brew. Is that racist? But no matter, we have become used to the abuse and utter rejection by our feudal lordlings for being so un-PC as to question them.

There is no website contract for the district ,. there never was, they lied to us. The only website contract we actually did have was the original one with Elaine Foster but hey who cares about stupid legal details like that huh? The old Triune board created this Insurance Contract and lied to the public about it saying it was a web site contract in order to take away her job cause the chief was mad at her for being a witness against him so they gave her job to a buddy of this. Hell these people can even make Boss Hogg blush.

Once we take this contract at face value and realize there is and never was any web site contract, it becomes easier to understand. As in the movie The Matrix it comes down to this…. There is no spoon.

Just looking like a con job to attack someone they were mad at and reward a friend of the chief with public funds, Sort of looking a bit worse than just a fake inept illegal web site contract, huh? Don’t be conned by the good ol’ boy back slapping and friendly joking or grandfatherly joshing around. They mean business and all along had their own plan come hell or high water. They lied to us then screwed us and stuck us with the bill to pay and laughed at us dumb hicks. They never thought anyone would find our or even care what they did. But you Did care and you Did find out.

Anyone with 3 brain cells left to rub together can go on the internet and find a blank contract form for free, fill it out, download and print. They didn’t do that, did they?

Anyone could take their contract and show it to our district lawyer for approval and make sure all the ‘T’s are crossed and the ‘i’s are dotted, did they do that?

So, it is LOOKING like ——Smith either on his own or with the others intentionally chose a contract form that had nothing to do with a web site job, intentionally did not include any job description or time frame or mention any web site work or pay, intentionally had a board person sign this contract who had no district authority to sign contracts, intentionally prevented the 2 other board members from seeing it before they voted on it, intentionally used it as an excuse to illegally take away another persons job who the chief was mad at and give the job to a friend of the chief and intentionally deceived the public using public funds to do so because Jeremy Warner violated the terms of this Master Insurance Agreement but the board voted to pay him anyway claiming it was for a web site contract that did not exist. Obviously the website he did after the board took down our original one we had for years was done for free intentionally out of the goodness of his heart since there never was any website job or website contract. Since there never was any website contract, what do you think their Intention was?

So with all the drama and scandals that have rocked our beloved Deer Mountain, we can not pretend that ‘Its All Joes Fault’ as some have been saying, and now he is gone they assume everything will be roses from now on. Can’t see how that can be close to accurate. The lies and corruption and con jobs are still running in the background. The ugly facts are whatever Joe may or may not have done, he could not have done it without their permission or turning a blind eye, which in effect is giving permission. Just our dumb hick low life uneducated opinion but we tend to think what they have been doing/not doi9ng and how they have been doing /not doing it is contemptible, they do not deserve to sit on our board and need to go. How can we trust people who do things like this?

What are the options? The people who took this fake ‘website’ contract for legal review were given a few ideas on how to proceed. They want the people who did these illegal things to be removed from the board, Smith, Niblitt and Warner and Jeremy Warner to pay back that $300. .

It is too close to the May election for a Recall petition to be launched to remove Warner and Niblitt but Smith is not up for reelection in May so he can be Recalled. It would be cheaper for the district if they resigned in pure shame but we are not sure at this point they can even spell the word let alone know what it means. Remember, listen to what they say but watch carefully what they do. That is the key to getting the true measure of a person or a situation. We think their actions have been screaming at us.

They broke our public trust, they lied to our face and deceived us, spent our money on frivolous things we did not need, doubled our debt to $500k and almost bankrupted us, and the Official Board BS list keeps growing. The fake contract thing is just the most obvious that they have been caught in. It is like they don’t give a crap about Right or Wrong. Look at their Pattern: Secrecy Becomes a cloak for illegality

*Ignoring Bylaws they do not like,

*Lying about the legal meaning of the ‘3 Minute rule’ to try to shut down the public from questioning them by Watts saying no one is allowed to respond or talk to the public,

*Ethics violations, conflict of interest, failure to disclose a family member is being given a contract

*Got caught trying to spend more money on items never needed and had to back down, remember the $578 for lapel pins JR used the district debit card to avoid a board vote just a few days After the board voted to not spend anything over $500 unless it was an emergency,

*The $10k for the fancy Class A uniforms they wanted for all the funerals and parades our FF /EMTsgo to

*Spent tens of thousands on projects we can not afford to start let alone complete – P Path, Indian Springs

*Tried to scare us by threatening to cut our ambulance service unless we agreed to a 16pt Mill Levy doubling our tax, since dropped to 12pt

*Used our tax dollars to pay a board members husband for a contract he broke

*Making deceptive contracts for friends of the chief for jobs with no public posting or bids,

*Tried to build a secret bathroom with no board vote, no permit or inspections, lied about it, and tried to hide the building supplies spending. Was that to avoid a board vote?

*Broke peoples contracts , fired them and tried to get money from them because the chief was mad at them

*Fired people illegally for no job related reasons because the chief was mad at them

*Tried to force prisoner urine tests when not legally warranted on people they did not like

*The list goes on, these are just the highlights It has been one dishonest illegal thing after another with these guys. What scares us is what have they done that we Don’t Know About yet?

And now they are trying to blame Watts for it all? Is that rich or what? This is better than the Deep State drama in DC. Who will turn on the other first.

Here are some options we were told that are being explored:

First give them a chance to man up and resign. If not then move on to next steps

Take it to a detective and ask for a investigation

File a complaint with the state and ask for an investigation into the district business

See if the DA is interested in some of the things they have done

Start a Recall Petition to remove Patrick Smith from office at the very least for this contract deception.

All of the above

We have no idea whats going top happen, but we all have front row seats.

We need your support. No, relax, you can let go of your wallet, not asking for money, we want to know what you think is Right, what is Wrong, what you want to See for our fire district. We put honesty, honor and respect on the top of the List for our leadership and think if one prays to the Lord Jesus Christ at the start of our meetings then one should not lie and do business deals under the table. How about you?

email us at

Just a reminder if you use a fake name and a fake email and start off by insulting us, we tend to not care what you say, put you on the bottom of the pile and make rude noises. You want to be respected it’s smart to show respect.

Guest Post from ‘Fed Up’

Received this from a DMFPD employee who asked to have their name and job and any identifiers redacted out of concern for retaliation.

My name is (redacted) and Ive been at DMFPD for (redacted) as a (redacted). Ive seen s**t come and go , theres some rough times and some good times, some ok boards and some really stupid ones. we put up with it because we love the work and love being a part of something important to help our community. for the most part the people doing the real work for the community do a damn good job despite the pinheads thinking they run the place. The politics and high school clicks are getting disgusting. We thought once Joe left we could straighten things out but no, I guess we dont get any breather. Sharyn has definitely moved in trying to take over. Did we ask? No. Does anyone upstairs care? No. She decides we should take this training course and other things, pushing it, who the hell is she to decide this? did anyone ask us if we wanted it? what about those of us who arent interested, are we screwed because we dont go along with her plan? I didnt go to the board meeting, was there some kind of vote or something to install her or promote her, she is calling herself the assistant chief. she is not our assistant chief. we thought she was helping out now she is acting like another Joe. No thanks. More complaints and grumbling, and yeah she has favorites and a complaint was made about that screwing with the schedule. she is damn pushy, never talks with us, just talks at us and orders us like she runs us, never listens just talks over us til we give up and shut up. weve seen this before, just another Joe. she orders the firefighters around theres going to be trouble and more people will leave. what the hell is wrong with the board that they suck up to this and not learn anything??? we know Robert has to get his feet and he has our support and has been gone. but damn this has to be controlled up front right now. i cant believe this bullshit, we get free of Joe and end up with someone just like him. shes a damn paramedic thats all, not God. people will walk. shes smart but too much like Watts with the same personality problems. thanks but no thanks. what the hell is wrong with the damn board to allow this BS to happen again? unF**kingbelievable. ps good blog, keep fighting. ill buy you a dewars when this is over, good stuff. hell, ill buy you a case if we all survive.

************Heavy Sigh*******************

Well, shit. Had to refresh the Dewars for that.

Guess we are not going to ride off into the sunset on a unicorn pooping skittles after all. Assistant chief, huh? When did that happen?

Thanks for reaching out, we understand your concerns and have heard similar from others, but were hoping for a better outcome. All we can suggest is first it is important to talk to each other and get a consensus, then bring concerns to leadership. Robert then the board, never bother to email just one person, you need to email all of them and see who bothers to not only answer but take you seriously. Then see who actually Does take you seriously and try to solve the problem and not throw the employees to the wolves. We think that if Watts was given firm boundaries in the beginning and told what behaviors were not acceptable and controlled by the board, his employer, perhaps alot of unpleasantness could have been avoided. It might be possible that this is a similar situation? As we have said before we think Foster is the only one with any balls who tries to tackle problems and sits with people to discuss them. Yeah, we’ve seen this before, and survived it. Shit happens then you fix it, right? The longer we wait to deal with a problem the bigger and worse it gets and BAM you got an inflamed colon.

We have decided that our real problem is we have a plum of a fire district and EMS that makes outsiders salivate over how they can control it and turn it into their own dream-come-true in the name of helping us. Just our worthless opinion from a few years of observations.

We’ve heard from other employees who tell us they are worn out from all the drama and just want the BS to go way so they can do their jobs. They love their jobs they love their work they hate the politics and drama and head games. But it is a fact of life that the BS never goes away on its own. It continues to grow like that nasty stuff growing in the shower we think is just black mold gunk but is really an alien life form waiting for just the right moment to pounce and take over while we are sleeping soundly in our beds turning us into it’s slaves. Yip that can happen, we saw it on CNN and everyone knows they always tell the truth.

Ok, a bit over dramatic. But the truth is if we don’t deal with a problem when it first starts to surface, then it just grows into something worse. BS continues til enough people stand up together and say Stop This Shit. The FF and EMTs have a hell of a lot more power than they think.

If all else fails you can always tell her politely Thanks but No Thanks and go back to your work.

Be Polite

Be Respectful

But when necessary, you can say No Thank you.